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Random Pet Peeves

1. Unidentified source of foul smell
2. Loud sound effects and inaudible dialog in a movie
3. No replies to text message
4. Useless, random status messages and tweets
5. Dust
6. All the dramas in a certain local network
7. Loud beeping of vehicle for no reason
8. Flat or sharp tune
9. Early campaign of politicians
10. Cockroaches

Audio Cases

McGraw-Hill Professional- Greater and higher learning this summer. I hope.


Good health. Security. Success.
What is your dream for your children?

Writer's Block: Talent show

Singing, perhaps?
What is something you do well?

Writer's Block: Black Friday

Food for dinner. Inasal chicken!
What's the last thing you bought?
Toy Story movies.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Writer's Block: Tea for two

Probably shopping with Ron Weasley. Or Yoda teaching me the ways of the Jedi.
If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

Writer's Block: Reading corner

Fiction. It's not boring!
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.

Writer's Block: Secret love

Have you ever had a secret admirer? What happened?
Yes. Nothing happened because I found out about him.


(Reblogged from multiply site- http://aramonica.multiply.com/journal/item/4/genetics, updated and translated to English. Beware- slightly nerdy post.)

Curly or straight?

Grade conscious or not?

Mendelian genetics tells us that only one trait is passed from parent to offspring and traits are randomly assorted. This blog deals with the genetics (and undetermined genetics) at  our home, but not of my human family, but of our beloved pet animals.

Our dog is weird. His name is Ewok but he does not resemble even one bit of those Star Wars creatures. His fur is brown and white, but his father is purely white and the mother, a mongrel, is brown. When we do not know yet the color of his father's fur, imagine our surprise when the puppies of our brown female dog, which includes Ewok, were born. They have a white stain in their fur, some are even pure white. When Ewok grew up, he was the whitest of all the puppies and has brown stains. Genetics taught us that an offspring is to inherit only one trait (the dominant one) but this is not Ewok's case-- he is a case of codominance! Nerd.

We had a duck before, but he died at an early age. His name is Ducky *snort*. Is it inherent of them to follow their mother duck (well, in our family's case, mother people) around? One time he cried when I went upstairs and he cannot follow. Poor Ducky. When he was young, he has brown fur. I wonder what would be the color of his feathers when he grew up? Would it turn white ala "The Ugly Duckling"? We'll never know. RIP Ducky. 

In genetics, we also studied types of chicken crown- probably useful when you get into derby. There's walnut type, rose..I do not remember the rest. Speaking of chickens, we had a Chinese chicken named Chai-chai. Again a creative streak from my brothers. And again the chicken's already dead (as this blog is just an update on our pets). We thought Chai was a she because the seller said "she" will lay eggs but one day "she" crowed like a proud rooster. Chai is a "he"! He was my favorite before but he turned hostile to us, I don't know why, and we fed the chicken properly too. Back to types of chicken crown, I can't tell if our chicken's crown is walnut or rose type. Again, we'll never know, he's buried already and we can't take a good look. RIP Chai-chai. 

We are going to have a female Siberian husky. Her right iris is of different hue from her left, I wonder why? What sort of genetic assortment is this? More importantly, what would be her name? 

No pics yet. >.<



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